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Hello my name is BART, or as many of you know me as BART Boy from cosplay.com and from many well known anime conventions in the state of California. It seems like you've stumbled onto my LJ and are curious about me. Well first thing that you need to know about this LJ is that it is without a doubt.

I'll only add you back if we've just met and would like to get to know me, I met you at a convention and found your lj and would like to get to know you, & finally I know a friend you know closely and was introduced to you or saw you hanging out with them a majority of the convention and would like to get to know you. I'm sometimes shy and sometimes quiet but I don't really start conversations unless I'm brought into one or I hear something that I would like to add into. I usually start conversations depending on the place and such. I don't comment alot on lj mostly because as I said, I'm pretty shy and I dunno what to usually say but sometimes when I do have something to say, it sometimes depend on what the lj entry is about. I would love to get to know newly founded friends I just met, don't be afraid to chat with me, I love to chat alot. ^_^

A little bit about myself, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, born and raised in San Mateo, CA. currently attending the University of California - Berkeley Campus to earn a degree in Criminal Justice to become a soon to be Police Officer. I've been accepted into the California Highway Patrol but still awaiting my name to be called up to start working for them. I'm a former employee of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District of the Contra Costa Yellow Division, working as a Train Operator. I am currently working at Visa Inc. (Yes the Credit Card company! XD) as a Information Security Analyst and I love my job....sometimes. XD Life does take Visa! XD I travel to alot of conventions in California and take loads of pictures of cosplayers, you've mostly seen me in my Raccoon Police uniform from Resident Evil. I love to hang out with friends when I'm not busy and definately enjoy watching Anime, playing video games, and especially play Dance Dance Revolution, In The Grove, Technika & Guitar Freaks. I enjoy walking, jogging, running, and love enjoying my surroundings.

Thanks for checking out my profile, feel free to add me and have fun looking at the silly images I have posted below this writing. Nice to meet you! =D

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